Tiffany Russo wide-legged forward bend D variation
Tiffany Russo one-legged king pigeon pose half-frog variation
Tiffany Russo tripod headstand

The SmartFLOW® Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training offers students a strong foundation in classical yoga paired with modern study of anatomy and fluid transitions. Powerful principles — physical and spiritual — lead to inspired and creative teaching. Teachers, future teachers, and lovers of yoga who wants to take their practice to a new level are welcome to attend this training.

2017 200-hour SmartFLOW® Teacher Trainings:

Tiffany Russo trained our class in the Pacific Northwest with fierce compassion! Over 22 days, she welded our group and transformed us into passionate teachers.
— Ellen Haas

Jan 12 – Apr 2: 5-Weekend Format
With Tiffany Russo
Studio Santosha in Glendale, AZ

Tiffany is a master of the art of seeing and adjusting bodies.
— Sharon Lebenkoff

Feb 3 – Apr 30: 9-Weekend Format
With Tiffany Russo
You and the Mat in Laguna Niguel, CA