Tiffany Russo wide-legged forward bend D variation
 Tiffany Russo one-legged king pigeon pose half-frog variation
 Tiffany Russo tripod headstand

The SmartFLOW® Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training offers students a strong foundation in classical yoga paired with modern study of anatomy and fluid transitions. Powerful principles — physical and spiritual — lead to inspired and creative teaching. Teachers, future teachers, and lovers of yoga who wants to take their practice to a new level are welcome to attend this training.

SmartFLOW changed the way I view yoga. It changed my personal practice and that change translated into my life. I really believe that SmartFLOW helped me learn to challenge myself while staying safe – on my mat and out in the world. Tiffany Russo has an amazing gift of being able to read people and knows how to push them to their edge without breaking them. I learned more than I ever imagined in this 200-hour training, and it truly was a life-changing experience.
— Krista Stevenson

2018 200-hour SmartFLOW® Teacher Trainings

Tiffany Russo trained our class in the Pacific Northwest with fierce compassion! Over 22 days, she welded our group and transformed us into passionate teachers.
— Ellen Haas
Tiffany is a sensitive and intelligent teacher whose balanced and intuitive flow fosters correct alignment and form which has led to a stronger, safer (injury free) practice for me.
— Adrienne Foon

You & The Mat in Laguna Niguel, CA
April 6 - June 17
9 selected weekend format 


Tiffany is a master of the art of seeing and adjusting bodies.
— Sharon Lebenkoff


Seattle Yoga Lounge in Seattle, WA
June 28 - July 8: Abhyasa - Part One  (100hrs)
July 19 - 29: Vairagya - Part Two  TT (100hrs)



SmartFLOW Yoga Mentorship

Two Weekends
With Tiffany Russo
11:00am - 5:30pm
$399 Early Bird / $450 after

SmartFLOW Trainees Earn 25 Credit Hours
This 25 hour mentorship program is designed for yoga teachers who are interested in taking what they have learned in teacher training and apply it to the art of teaching classes. Knowing where you have strengths and weakness and finding balance to bring into your classroom settings.

Each day will begin with a practice focused on a specific movement of the body. We will then carry that movement of the body into the afternoon and spend time reviewing:

  • Alignment and language that works for the entire room but speaks to individuals
  • Hands on Adjustments: taking time to see the students and offering an adjustment that is individual to their needs
  • Sequencing for everyone: weaving in the opening and closing of a class to create a well balanced yoga practice
  • How to structure a sequence for your private clients and help them meet their goals.
  • Clarity about what it is you are trying to teach your students and leave knowing what kind of teacher you are.