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Tiffany Russo is a SmartFLOW® Yoga teacher in Los Angeles. She is one of three trainers who leads 200-hour SmartFLOW Yoga teacher trainings around the world. View her schedule to find a class at a YogaWorks in the L.A. area.  Click below to read her bio.

+ The short

I practice yoga to slow down from the busy outside world. To remind myself it is not a race. The practice connects me back to who I truly am, without ego, and then I try to step back into the world from an authentic place.

I teach yoga to share what I know and believe works: creating more awareness as we hurry through life to pause and see the beauty in each and every thing, and in each and every one of us. Yoga is the art of paying attention. The physical practice is an entry to the boundless teachings that yoga offers.

+ The long

In my old life, as an elite track athlete and then manager of Hollywood’s hottest night clubs, I was drawn to the thrill of competition. As the bar rose, I jumped higher. But racing through life wasn’t sustainable, and I faced a choice to burn out or start over. I chose the longer course, which drew on the focus, endurance, and commitment I knew I had. It also required kindness, patience, and acceptance, which I slowly discovered.

I was drawn to yoga because it was the one time when I knew my mind was quiet and it was like time slowed down.

Yoga began to replace my daily running. It was the only other thing that had me focus on my breath. When I can hear my breath I am fully in this moment.

The practice was working, so I continued. I continued to go every single day, sometimes twice a day. The more toxic the night life became the more therapeutic the yoga became until one day I literally made a night-and-day transition.

Guided by yoga, the sound of my breath brought me home to loving being me instead of needing to be the best.

Yoga is a practice, not a performance. Through the practice, I have learned about acceptance. That means I don't have to be the best. Through the consistent practice, over time, without even knowing it, my life changed and my lifestyle changed and my reaction to it all changed. I started seeing the world through the eyes of yoga’s other seven limbs beyond the physical postures.

Kindness: This flows from knowing that we each speak a different language but are doing our best to listen and understand through our own stories.

Patience: It’s a daily practice but has gotten better as I learn to find comfort in a pause and know that answers don’t need to come immediately. And the answers don't always have to be mine.

Acceptance: I can't remember when it happened, but there was a moment through my practice when I accepted not striving to be the best in the room, a moment of being able to work hard at my edge and know there is strength there without going past it.

Teaching yoga and training yoga teachers, I’m honored to guide others deeper into the practice and facilitate students’ discoveries of their own.